About Us

We are volunteers from all over the world together creating a new approach to values, knowledge and conscious living.

Our main goal is to create new Art, new expressions of beauty and power of our true Self that dwells within us. In our works we aspire towards future realizations of a new Dawn and new Birth of Higher Consciousness on earth. We seek to create consciously new educational films, books, documentaries and other forms of Art revealing our deeper thoughts, feelings, emotions and aspirations for a higher and truer Light, Love and Life.

We do not pretend to know better than others. Through our work we share our own experience and inner discovery of a truer being in our own subjective way.

We believe that our works may be freely shared with others, respecting their freedom to have their own unique approach to the discovery of Truth.

  • Knowledge

    To be always in the Light of Knowledge

  • Experience

    Without inner experience nothing could be done

  • Realization

    Divine Life is the goal of our Existence